"THE ROOT PEOPLE" currently in pre-production (January 2, 2021)

Imagine a racially divided town in the deep South that holds a dirty little secret. When the uncle of Wayne Cartlidge, a drug-addicted big city physical therapist is killed, Wayne gets drawn into a world he is glaringly unfamiliar with. 


What he discovers is a town controlled by moonshine and murderous masked men, trying to eradicate the ghosts of their past.


Johnson Rye, the leader of the masked men is on a hunt. A hunt for the six white men responsible for the hanging death of his twelve-year-old brother twenty years ago. And Wayne’s uncle may have been one of them.

With the help of an old slave diary, a mysterious moonshiner and an eccentric nurse, he confronts the town’s past to unlock its secrets. And what he finds out, is that some towns hold their secrets tight - like the grip of a dead man.

"TASTE OF SALT - Le Gout Du Sel"  is in development

We are happy to announce that we are currently in development of our new Haitian feature film "Taste of Salt - Le Gout Du Sel" based on the novel by Frances Temple, published in the early 1990's. We were able to acquire and obtain the Film Rights from her Estate and are currently working on the screenplay. We are seeking investors and sponsors, please contact us for additional info.

"BLOOD TRAIL" is in development

Driven to the edge by the death of his wife, a US narcotics agent must return to his native country of Haiti in search of her killers.

There, with the help of his eccentric brother, he will be forced to face down an incredible evil, as well as his own demons to enact justice on his wife’s killers.