Award winning Producer/Director Robinson Vil, relocated to Atlanta, GA in 1992 from his native Haiti, graduated from Henderson High School and attended Georgia State University before discovering his passion for film. His first foray into directing in 2001 was driven by his desire to act; the warm reception from family and friends encouraged him to continue, but first and foremost as a filmmaker. Mr. Vil’s 4th short film entitled “Dark Secrets” was officially selected and nominated for Best Short Film at the 15th Annual Pan African Film Festival in 2007. His passion to tell real stories that the average person can identify with, has led to his writing, producing and directing of “life.less” which was nominated in 2012 for Best Actress and Best Picture drama at the 13th Annual Bare Bones International Film Festival.

 In 2013, a Haitian short film in which Mr. Vil played the lead and also co-produced was selected at the Cannes Short Film Corners. His most recent project, a Haitian feature film entitled “Rasin Mwen-L’amour Du Fric” won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor in 2014 at the 4th annual Motion Picture Association of Haiti movie awards. “Rasin Mwen-L’amour Du Fric” was officially selected at the 2015 PAFF for its world premiere. The film was also selected and nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 6th annual Bronzelens Film Festival in Atlanta, GA. “Rasin Mwen-L’amour Du Fric” was the only film from the Caribbean to be considered for a Golden Globes nomination in 2015. Mr. Vil created and developed a web/TV series in 2018, entitled "Thick Skin". The series' current season2 is being distributed by Apple/iTunes and Amazon.